Medicare Enrollment Table:

The table below is a quick summary reference of the various Medicare "Parts" that cover inpatient and outpatient medical services, prescription drug coverage, as well as alternatives in deciding how you would like to have your health care services paid for and delivered.

Medicare Health Care Decision Maze: A prospective recipient's election of Medicare benefits is a complex decision. It is even more complex than the election of Social Security retirement benefits. This is due to the granular nature of providing health care solutions to a wide variety of health care needs, different health care delivery systems and the actuarial nature of insuring the cost of pools of health care beneficiaries.

Medicare Enrollment Update Table
Category PartA PartB PartC PartD
Coverage Inpatient Hospital & Other Medical Services Outpatient Doctor & Other Medical Services Medicare Advantage (Private Insurance Option) Prescription Drum Coverage
Premium None (If Qualify) Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Premium $441.00 in 2013 $104.90 in 2013 Varies by Plan Varies by Plan
Initial Enrollment Automatic (3) (4) 7 months: 3 months prior & after B-day Month (4) 7 months: 3 months prior & after B-day Month (4) 7 months: 3 months prior & after B-day Month (4)
General Enrollment Jan 1 to Mar 31 (5) Jan 1 to Mar 31 (5) Jan 1 to Mar 31 (5) Jan 1 to Mar 31 (5)
Special Enrollment 8 months after employer coverage ends (6, 7) 8 months after employer coverage ends (6, 7) N/A N/A
Late Enrollment Penalty 10% penalty 2x years delayed enrollment 10% premium each 12 month period delayed enrollment (8) N/A 1% national base premium x number of months without coverage
Open Enrollment N/A Medigap eligible: 6 month period after 65th B-day Oct 15 to Dec 7 Oct 15 to Dec 7
Withdrawal N/A N/A Jan 1 to Feb 14 N/A
  1. Original Medicare Program
  2. 6 month "Open Enrollment" for Medigap (supplemental insurance) the first month you turn 65
  3. For individuals that don't qualify for Modicare; must contact Social Security Admin ("SSA") 3 months prior to 65 to enroll and pay premium
  4. Start date of your plan if you're not automatically enrolled in the program:
    1. If you enroll in the 3 months prior to your birthday:
      1. Your coverage will begin the first day of the month of your birthday
      2. If your birthday is the first day of the month: your coverage will begin the first day of the previous month
    2. If your enroll in the program on your birthday month or the following 3 months your start date is as follows:
      1. Birthday month of 65: 1 month after enrollment
      2. One month after B-day: 2 months after enrollment
      3. Two months after B-day: 3 months after enrollment
      4. Three months after B-day: 4 months after enrollment
  5. Coverage will begin July 1
  6. Recommended to enroll in Part A and Part B while still employed or covered by insurance
  7. COBRA or retiree health plans aren't considered coverage based on employment
  8. Switch from One Medicare Advantage Plan to another (also known as Annual Election Period)
  9. Withdraw from a Medicare Advantage Plan and return to traditional Medicare Part A & Part B; If your plan includes prescription drug, you may also enroll in Part D (prescription drugs)

Medicare Benefits Flow Chart: We have provided a hyper link below to our Medicare Benefits Flow Chart that illustrates in a rudimentary fashion the available options for key consideration which the eligible recipient should study ( or consider seeking professional advice prior to the election of health care benefits.

Medicare Intro Medicare Benefits Flow Chart
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