Estate Planning:

Everyone Needs an Estate Plan: Estate planning is simply the planning, processing and documentation of one's estate. The goal is to efficiently transfer one's assets to the recipients and organizations of one's choice, less any end-of-life expenses such as funeral, burial costs, etc...

Foundation for an Estate Plan: The mechanics of creating an estate plan ranges from simple to complex. The complexity of an estate plan generally increases with the size of the estate and complexity of the bequests. Notwithstanding such complexities, most sound estate plans are built on four foundational documents.

The Three Foundational Estate Planning Documents

Will: A legal document that provides directions regarding the dissemination of assets, care of underage children and other issues upon your death.

General Power of Attorney: A legal document that gives an appointed individual (agent) permission to act on your behalf.

Advance Health Care Directive:

Part I - Selection of Health Care Agent: A legal document that gives you the right to appoint an agent to make health care decisions on your behalf in the event of your incapacity.

Part II - Treatment Preferences ("Living Will"): A legal document that gives you the right to say what you want concerning future life-sustaining treatment issues.

Estate Documents Preparation Video - (Care and Planning for End of Life)

Seamless Estate Planning: In connection with GrowthIncome's financial planning and investment management capabilities, Francomano and Francomano, P.A. (attorneys at law), an independent law firm co-located with GrowthIncome, can assist in the construction and implementation of these fundamental documents as well as assist in development, construction and documentation of more complex estate plans.

Estate Planning Maze: On the following page we have provided a visual layout of the estate planning process, including some of the vehicles through which one's estate can be passed on to the designated beneficiaries.

Retirement Steps Estate Planning Maze
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