Wages, Assets & Expenses: Any financial plan of value for our members requires an honest assessment of the members’ current resources, expenses and liabilities—as well as estimates of future growth in each of those categories.

Financial Inventory: On the following “page” we have provided an online version of our proprietary GrowthIncome Financial Planning and Retirement Model, which will generate a detailed financial report of your overall retirement plan.

Inputting Data: The form provided will require members to input some personal and financial data that will be stored in their “Personal Space” and available only to them for review and modifications on this website. (We do not share Members’ data with other organizations.)

Submission Steps: Once the data has been entered, you will be asked to submit it for confirmation. Once the member confirms the accuracy of the data the member will be asked to press “Submit Form” for the purpose of data analysis.

Immediate Results: The output from this exercise will be a series of easy to understand graphics regarding projections for cash flow, assets and liabilities extending over time. The results may initially appear daunting for most families getting started. However, with adequate planning, the desired results can be achieved. This is the whole purpose of the financial planning process.

To view how the average U.S. consumer unit spends their annual paycheck click “Here”.

We have also provided you with a 2013 tax guide.

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