Investment Objectives:

The purpose of the GrowthIncome "Investment Objective Form" is to guide you to a portfolio of investments that make personal sense for your investment objectives, risk tolerance and financial criteria.

The "Investment Objectives Form" contains a series of questions designed to gauge where you sit on the "risk scale" (conservative, moderate or aggressive). Answering these questions will provide you with a risk tolerance score that determines which GrowthIncome Model Portfolio (Conservative, Income, Balance, Growth or Aggressive Growth) will best suit your investment profile.

Each "Model Portfolio" is made of various CEFs, ETFs and Dividend Aristocrat Funds that together provide the investor with a collection of securities that match the portfolio's advertised risk tolerance.

However, if the GrowthIncome "Model Portfolios" aren't your "cup of tea", the "GrowthIncome Database" can provide you with up to date market data on thousands of individual securities ranging from ETFs, CEFs and Dividend Aristocrats. You can "mix-and-match" securities by utilizing our many selection tools including, but not limited to, the "Fund Selector / Fund Filter" or our "Investment Heat Map", which visually shows a layout of the various investment categories and fund types.

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