Retirement Decision Threshold

Before Your Decision: Due to federal law, you must sign up for Medicare within a 6 month window surrounding your 65th birthday (starting 3 months before and ending 3 months after), or your monthly premium may be subject to penalties (see Medicare Enrollment Table for more details). If you are not ready to start receiving your monthly Retirement benefits at this time, you can use the online retirement application to sign up just for Medicare and apply for your Retirement benefits later.

Before Your Decision: See Medicare Decision Flow Chart

If You Work For a Federal, State or Local Government: If you work for a federal, state or local government where you do not pay Social Security taxes, the pension you receive from that agency may reduce any Social Security benefits for which you are qualified. If you work outside the United States (U.S.) for an American company or, in some cases, an affiliate company of an American company, you and your employer may have to pay Social Security taxes on the same earnings to both the U.S. and the foreign country.

Retirement Steps Decision Threshold Continued
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