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Extensive Research Experience: Our proprietary investment research—honed over three decades—provides the foundation for our investment management activities.

Investment Focus: Our focus is on generating a stable total-return both from distributions and capital appreciation of selected equity-income securities. This is consistent with our mission of “Generating Supplemental Income for RetirementTM

Equity-Income Securities: Historically, almost 50% of a stock's long-term total-return has been attributable to dividends paid to its shareholders.

Consequently, GrowthIncome has focused on investment companies that by law can distribute their earning in the form of a cash distributions free of corporate taxes subject to compliance with the tax code. We have developed a particular expertise in Closed-End Funds (“CEFs”), Exchange-Traded Funds ("ETFs") and Dividend Aristocrats ("DVAs").

Research Reports: GrowthIncome produces proprietary research on macro trends impacting the capital markets, investment company sectors, and individual securities. The table below provides links to the most recent articles posted to our website. There are also links to article categories and general topics.

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CEFs, ETFs & Div Arists Graphs Economic Graphs
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