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GrowthIncome Research & Management, LLC. ("GrowthIncome") is a registered investment advisory Firm that concentrates on investment research and management of equity-income securities (closed-end funds (CEFs), exchange traded funds (ETFs) and dividend aristocrats (DVAs)), as a source of supplemental retirement income. The Firm's co-founder has been involved with equity-income securities for 37 years and has received numerous awards and accommodations (click on "Who Are We?" to view bios).

Income and Capital Appreciation (Total Return): The Firm also manages its series of investment portfolios called "Model Portfolios" (Conservative, Income, Balance, Growth and Aggressive Growth) that incorporate funds from more than 2,000 stocks tracked by the GrowthIncome Database. These five portfolios are designed to address various investment risk tolerances and provide both income and capital appreciation (total return) for a wide range of investment styles.

All About Retirement: In addition to investment research and management, GrowthIncome provides comprehensive retirement planning from the point of view that successful retirement plans must not only meet financial goals, but personal goals as well. It is the Firm's objective to provide each client with a personalized retirement plan that balances their values, goals, family structure, health, estate and net assets. Under this comprehensive approach, GrowthIncome can bring its clients to a happier, healthier, and more fruitful state of retirement.

Retirement Steps: As a service to the Firm's clients, members and visitors, this website (www.growthincome.net) has been created to serve as a definitive location for all things related to retirement. By retaining professionals from technology, law, health care, securities analyses, portfolio management and tax-specialization, GrowthIncome has developed an online space that organizes retirement into an easy to understand modular unit known as the "Retirement Steps". This "game-board" like application breaks down retirement into its many component parts while showing how each piece fits together to produce a successful retirement plan. Click here to visit the "Retirement Steps" where you can make use of GrowthIncome's applications and forms such as the Family Goals Form, Retirement Goals Form, Financial Plan Application and many more.

Subject to Procrastination: GrowthIncome understands that planning for retirement can be a daunting and overwhelming task often subject to procrastination. However, the earlier you start planning, the better situated you will be to have a happy, healthy and fruitful retirement. For help taking the first step, click on the "Contact Us" link in the left hand portion of the page to get in touch with a GrowthIncome representative.

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